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Nanoptix Inc. is a global provider of technologies for the gaming, lottery, kiosk, POS and amusement markets. Over the past twenty years, Nanoptix has earned a reputation of excellent value and outstanding customer support, with superior technology at a very competitive price.

Orizon NextGen
The ultimate kiosk printer, combining technology (PC based infrastructure), flexibility (adjustable spindle arm) and outstanding reliability (200km print head life).
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Paycheck Desktop 2 Blue
Paycheck® Desktop 2
The newest member of the Paycheck® series family, the Paycheck®Desktop 2™. Powered with Paycheck®NextGen™technology, this desktop model can enhance your
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Paycheck NexGen
PayCheck® NextGen™
Nanoptix PayCheck® NextGen™ offers greater value, more reliability and more capabilities than any of its competitors on the market today.
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Paycheck® Terminal™/Kiosk™
Nanoptix PayCheck® Terminal™/Kiosk™ is the world’s first Kiosk terminal powered by a TITO printer. Taking advantage of the power and
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Paycheck 4
PayCheck® 4™
Nanoptix PayCheck® 4™ is ideal for ticketing. This ultra reliable TITO printer’s print head life is 62 miles.
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High Speed Couponing
High Speed Couponing™
Nanoptix “PayCheck® High Speed Couponing™” printer is specially designed for printing promotional tickets.
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HSVL Advanced
The HSVL Advanced Printer, provides manufacturers ultimate flexibility and outstanding reliability. By using innovatively designed movable spindle arms the HSVL
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Nanoptix EZTear™
This very compact thermal printer was created to incorporate all the benefits users are looking for: flexible modular design for
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Paycheck® Slim
The Paycheck Slim printer's unique intuitive design lets it fit within the thinnest of cabinets. While remaining extremely fast, quiet
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Nanoptix “Spill-Proof™” is a very compact thermal printer created to solve the breakdown of printers from spillage in the bar
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Ultra System™
Nanoptix “Ultra System™” is the easiest system for operators to totally manage their gaming devices remotely. There are four systems:
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