Orizon® NextGen™

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Project Description


The ultimate kiosk printer, the Orizon® NextGen™ is a computer within a printer. Not only is it the quickest and most durable printer of its kind, the Orizon® NextGen™ is also an integration hub – it can integrate and power a wide range of peripherals within a kiosk solution.

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– Prints a ticket in 0.6 seconds
– Print head life 50% more than competitors
– Available with, or without a presenter/retractor
– PC based infrastructure
– Unique illuminated jamming resistant bezel
– Truly hot swappable
– Easy paper path access
– Durable, intuitive, modular design
– Diagnostic/firmware upgrade USB service port


– Greater Customer Satisfaction
– Better Reliability and lower overall cost
– Automatically discards uncollected tickets
– Lower Cost of Goods, offload tasks to the printer
– Easy field service and upgrades
– Reduces paper jams for more uptime
– Easy replacement without powering down
– Future proof connectivity (Multiple USB ports, MicroSD, HDMI, Ethernet)
– Gives easy access to all major components
– Allows for easy field service and upgrades