The following elements are the key principles that drive decisions and acceptable behaviour at Nanoptix: integrity, respect, diversity and inclusion, kindness, transparency and professionalism.  These principles can be found in the statements and policies on our website and reflect our commitment to fight corrupt and unethical behaviours and practices as we conduct our business.  We expect our employees, suppliers, and all our stakeholders to follow these principles.  Nanoptix Inc. also provides a venue to anonymously report all policy, code-of-conduct and ethical infractions. 


Nanoptix has a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of bribery and corruption.  We abide by the Criminal Code of Canada and the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act “CFPOA” which govern our business dealings both domestically and abroad.  Our management team promotes a culture of compliance and transparency by following proper accounting practices and providing awareness to all employees, vendors, and business partners during the on-boarding process.


Nanoptix Inc. is committed to acting ethically and with integrity. As part of this commitment, Nanoptix has adopted a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery – whether in the form of servitude; forced, bonded, or indentured labour; slavery; human trafficking or any other activity that amounts to an unreasonable restriction on the free movement of workers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most advanced, reliable ad innovative printing solutions and technologies in the market, while operating under the guiding principles of sustainability, human rights and providing opportunities for employees and suppliers to grow and succeed. In meeting our customers’ requirements, we operate procurement programmes through global supply chains, involving a wide network of suppliers and distributors where it is recognised that the potential exists for the human rights of individual workers to be violated.

This statement sets out Nanoptix’ approach to ensuring that modern slavery does not take place anywhere within our own business and, to the best of our ability, eliminate the risk of modern slavery occurring in our supply chains. The following steps have been, or are in the process of being, taken in this regard:

  • The senior management team of Nanoptix Inc. has adopted this policy on Modern Slavery (the “Policy”), setting out the standards we expect from all our employees, contractors, suppliers, distributors, and other business partners. The Policy was first developed in 2021 and will be reassessed regularly as part of our ongoing compliance procedures. A copy of the Policy will be posted on our website.
  • The standards of behaviour we expect under the Policy, have been specifically referenced in our employee manuals. The manuals are provided to all employees. Both the manuals and our Policy make specific reference to the Nanoptix Inc.’ reporting/suggestion system which is available to report alleged breaches of the Policy on an anonymous basis. Staff operating in key roles (including sales, operations, engineering and finance) are required to confirm on an annual basis that they understand and will comply with the requirements of the Policy.
  • Nanoptix Inc. continues to make a formal commitment to uphold the human rights of workers (at all points in the supply chain) and to treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community. This includes concepts covered by the 2015 Modern Slavery Act such as “freely chosen employment” and treatment of young workers.
  • We have conducted a further assessment of our employment practices and processes, which has re-confirmed that our activities are in line with the requirements of our Policy. We will continue to monitor compliance and implement modifications to our activities as required.
  • Nanoptix Inc. engages its supplier base to ensure compliance with our core values. As part of our due diligence processes to verify compliance across a range of “corporate responsibility” items, we conduct on-site visits whenever possible, and require vendors to respond to detailed modern slavery questionnaires for all new relations. We will continue with this initiative and monitor our suppliers. We will ensure that this programme is expanded to cover new suppliers introduced as part of future acquisition activity. We have included specific terms and conditions in our purchase orders contractual arrangements against the use of forced, compulsory or trafficked labour, and we expect our suppliers to hold their own suppliers to the same high standards. 
  • Nanoptix Inc. intends to provide training and awareness on modern slavery to key personnel and employees interacting with vendors.

Nanoptix Inc. will continue to review its policies and processes, for the benefit of all our stakeholders, in order to raise standards with regards to operating in an ethical and sustainable manner across our supply chains. 


Our Whistleblower policy is intended to enable employees and partners to raise serious concerns anonymously so that Nanoptix can recognize and correct inappropriate conduct. It is the responsibility of all officers and employees to report suspected violations of ethics or any laws or regulations that govern our operation.

To submit a report of a violation, please access the supplied form below and complete it to the best of your abilities. The report should be detailed enough to explain the violation and the situation in which it took place, including the location, parties involved, date, and any documentation that supports the report.

Any individual who submits a written complaint concerning ethical or legal violations must do so in good faith, and have reasonable grounds for believing the report indicates a violation. Any report which can be proven to be unsubstantiated, malicious, or knowingly false will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense.

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