HSVL Advanced™

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Project Description


The HSVL Advanced (High Speed Video Lottery) Printer, provides manufacturers ultimate flexibility and outstanding reliability. By using innovatively designed movable spindle arms the HSVL Advanced can adapt to any kiosk design.

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– Prints a ticket in 0.6 seconds
– Print head life 50% more than competitors
– Most standard memory in gaming printers
– Paper low sensor
– Unique illuminated jamming resistant bezel
– RoHS compliant
– Truly hot swappable
– Easy paper path access
– Durable, intuitive, modular design
– Diagnostic/firmware upgrade USB service port


– Greater Customer Satisfaction
– Better Reliability and lower overall cost
– Lets you personalize with fonts, images, and logos
– Able to replace paper with little or no down time
– Reduces paper jams for more uptime
– Usable in all jurisdictions worldwide
– Easy replacement without powering down
– Makes maintenance fast & easy
– Gives easy access to all major components
– Allows for easy field service and upgrades