PayCheck® NextGen™


Nanoptix PayCheck® NextGen™ offers greater value, more reliability and more capabilities than any of its competitors on the market today. Introducing an integrated anti-jamming paper path that eliminates jamming and half tickets. Includes Unparalleled printing speed, prints a ticket in less than 1 second!

Paycheck® Terminal™/Kiosk™


OVERVIEW: Nanoptix PayCheck® Terminal™/Kiosk™ is the world’s first Kiosk terminal powered by a TITO printer. Taking advantage of the power and uniqueness of the Paycheck® NextGen™ printer, we created a Linux based terminal for your gaming, lottery and retail applications.

PayCheck® 4™


OVERVIEW: paycheck4-newNanoptix PayCheck® 4™ is ideal for ticketing. This ultra reliable TITO printer’s print head life is 62 miles. That’s twice as many tickets as the competition! The printer can also print a ticket in 2.2 seconds – at that speed, you don’t need a presenter.