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Project Description


With the Paycheck® Puck™, Nanoptix is proud to offer our industry leading NextGen™ technology to our existing catalog of products. The Paycheck® Puck™ brings all of the connectivity and exciting features of the Paycheck® NextGen™ TITO printer to your other Nanoptix products.

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– Allows all Nanoptix products to take full advantage of Paycheck® Connex™
– Bring new lines of connectivity to the Paycheck® series of products as well as other printers on your floor.
– Featured Connectivity: Ethernet, HDMI, Serial, USBHost & Slave, MicroSD, etc.
– Paycheck® Puck™ has a PC Based infrastructure providing a reliable and efficient gateway for new system features and innovations.


– Interconnect your whole floor and unlock your system provider’s potential features and applications.
– Allows you to gradually move to new printers while still taking advantage of your existing peripherals and linking them through the Paycheck Pucks.
– Allows you to bring future proof connectivity to an existing mix of peripherals on the floor.Enhance your system capabilities without the investment of an entirely new floor of peripherals.
– The PC based infrastructure provides enhancement of system features and unlocks existing modules within your game management system.